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Texture Set 03 Floral Grade
DJ Ozma
miyavimyv wrote in wonderfuss
Feedback is the greatest.

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Soooooo lovely!
Thanks for sharing!

Thank you for stopping by. It totally made my day.

Thank you. I'll get right onto making more like these since people seem to like these.

Thank you so much for the compliment. I was getting worried I was failing at things but hopefully I'll get better soon. Thanks again.

no you are not failing whatsoever when it comes to textures or other graphics for that matter. I wish I could have your talent (and others!) You will get better as you continue making them. I do have PSP tho, I've made some banners but nothing like the makers I've seen on the net. Your icon cracks me up! I love that show.

Seriously, You should try your hand at it. Just google photoshop tutorials and it'll lead you to amazing places. Its so easy to do just sometimes its time consuming. I'm all about instant gratification so I rarely do real graphics because I get wrapped up in one work for ages and its not really cohesive for doing mass loads of icons and whatnot. I always see those posts with like 100 or 200 icons and I'm like "how the hell can they just churn them out like that?"
But its ok, resources are fun to make. I also am an addict for brushes. I don't use them but I LOVE LOVE LOVE to have them just like fonts. LOVE LOVE Fonts but never know when to use them.

And yeah, Bob Barker is my hero. Whenever I see the icon I like to say it in an Adam Sandler accent and it gets me rolling on the floor.

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another brush and font addict :) I'm totally snagging fonts, I belong to a few font groups on Yahoo. They share kickass awesome fonts. Brushes... I'm always over @ DA or other sites finding brushes. I'll have to check out the tuts. I want to make icons. My friends are like "go for it" One of these days I will. Well, when my twins' are sleeping that is. These days they got me running all over the place. I love Bob Barker. I went to a couple tapings to the Price a couple years before I got married. So cool. It's not the same without him tho!

you have twins? that's awesome. And you named them Kaiden and Hunter? Those are GREAT names. How old are they? I'm like addicted to children. I'm an aupair in Aix-en-Provence and I just love children. Plus that's completely awesome you when to some tapings? I've always wondered how one got tickets to a show. Just like Oprah, How does a body go about getting one of them tickets? LOL.

my boys' are my youngest children who just turned 2 on the 4th of June :) Yes their names are Hunter and Kaiden :) Thanks. A lot of people tell me that I should have named them with the same letter. It was planned that way till my husband found the name Kayden on a site online and he liked it but changed the spelling lol. The tapings were crazy!!! It was nuts being there but it was so cool, we went when Bob was still the host :) Drew is okay but I prefer Bob mainly cause that's who I grew up watching the show with I guess. Oprah tixs are way harder to get than Price tix, at least that is how I feel lol. You can get free tickets to the show here: http://www.priceisrightinfo.com/PriceIsRightTickets.htm

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(Deleted comment)
Thank you. Keep checking back for updates right?

(Deleted comment)
accidentally deleted your message before I could respond. Its password is miyavimyvfauna. For future reference, all passwords are located on the DA download page. ;) I do the passwords because I don't want random stealage and people just find my files anywhere and have access to them. I want them to go directly through to DA so I can gage how many people like a certain type of graphic so that I can create more of the same.

Let me know if you have any problems with the password

your welcome and enjoy.

(Deleted comment)
Thank you. Enjoy and Have fun with them. Be sure to show me what you create! I'd love to see whatever it is.

really pretty :DDD
memed adn will dl later
thanks for sharing~

Thank you for meming. Enjoy!!!

(Deleted comment)
Coming from you that's a great compliment. I've seen some of your work. You're pretty talented.

love these! is there a pw?

these are nice!pw please^^

Snagged, thank you! :D
Pretty colors, and flowers are always awesome. :)

I'm snagging, thank you for sharing! :)

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