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Wonderfuss Designs

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Graphics by miyavimyv
WonderfussDesigns: For All Things Made
This is the personal graphics community for miyavimyv. She is still a fledging graphics artist so please be kind when giving constructive criticisms. It takes quite a long time for her to make a batch of graphics and do the codes for them so updates are random. Feel free to WATCH this community. All posts are public unless there are problems.

Give proper credit to miyavimyv, wonderfuss or wonderfuss
for all resources, layouts, icons and whatnots that come from my muddled brain.
Please NO hotlinking EVER!
Comment if you snag something. I use comments to determine if I should do more of the same graphics.
Requests are rare since I'm still learning but I'm open to suggestions.
I use quite a bit of resources and my folders where I kept all my brushes, textures, stock photos and tutorials and such was accidently renamed and I lost the original file names. Please let me know if you see I used something of yours without a credit at my resource page here.

The rules are simple for this community. I expect proper credit for icons, bases, textures, banners, headers, and etc. Do not hotlink images. Membership is closed but you are more than welcome and encouraged to WATCH this community and my DA for further updates.
Layout profile code thanks to ReversesCollide Layout code thanks to UNEQUALLY

All Texture, Brush and Stock Downloads have passwords. Icons do not obviously ;p Passwords are located with the sets.

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